Just last summer, word broke out that Jon Taffer was in the Treasure Valley. Like most times when a celebrity is spotted in our area--the internet got turned upside down. Yes, Taffer really was in Boise and you guessed it, he was filming several episodes of his hit television series 'Bar Rescue'.

Most recently, Taffer's flip of 'Strikers Bar' was aired on national television.

Open since the 1950's, Strikers Bar is the bar and restaurant portion of well-known Meridian Lanes. Locally owned and operated by Andy Propst here in the Treasure Valley, he explains on the episode that he loves what the place is and has been for our community--but has no experience in the business. Of course, the internet ate that up and couldn't wait to see how Taffer would get involved.

We should note: the episode never touched the bowling alley--just the bar and restaurant.

Take a look at what the transformation looks like!

Inside The 'Bar Rescue' Flip of Meridian's Strikers Bar

For months, the Treasure Valley has waited to see Jon Taffer's episodes from the Treasure Valley--now, we're seeing the action!

Do you plan to visit Bullseye Sports Bar & Kitchen anytime soon!? 

We definitely cannot wait to see all of the updates in person & trying that boozy milkshake is going to be a MUST this summer.

The storyline in this particular episode was so great--Strikers, now known as Bullseye, had a staff of such passionate people--not just about their jobs but about that business.

If you haven't watched yet--here's a glimpse into what's coming.


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