It was news that nobody could have ever expected to happen anywhere--let alone in the small town of Moscow, Idaho. A quadruple homicide that left four innocent college students dead--with no answers in sight.

While most around the globe have heard of this heinous crime by now--there too come positive stories and actions to be taken from all of this tragedy and today, we're hoping that you can take part.

It's easy to read the news articles of the crimes--and any more, get lost down a rabbit hole of accusations, unproven claims, and rumors surrounding the crime and the motive on various social media platforms. With 'true crime' so popular on television and podcasts these days, it seems everyone is an expert.

For the families and friends of these four late students, however, it's about healing, recovering, and trying to navigate the unimaginable.

The family of Kaylee Goncalves has declared June 8th 'Kaylee Jade Day'--while this would have been Kaylee's birthday, the family hopes that this day can be one during which everyone does what Kaylee was so good at doing: something--anything--that you love.

In a Facebook post, the family asks the public to do something purposeful, intentional, and that you love to do.  They also included a list of things that Kaylee loved to do, such as doing lunch with family, trying out a new hiking path or waking up early to watch the sunrise.



We plan to take part in Kaylee Jade Day and hope that you will too--may we all make the world a little bit of a better place today, in honor of Kaylee Goncalves

Moscow Murder Scene Recreated in Popular Sims Video Game

A video has surfaced which gives a tour of the Moscow, Idaho home where 4 college students were tragically killed--as recreated in Sims. The creator shared that she hopes it does not offend anyone, but that it was her way of trying to help.

Investigation Discovery To Feature Meridian Murder

A murder in the Treasure Valley? We sure don't hear about that often. You may recall this crime, however, as nothing like it goes on around our town. A Meridian man shot dead in a Walgreens parking lot--because his wife was having an affair with her boss. She was in the parking lot and the only witness.

More Images of Bryan Kohberger & Idaho Murder Investigation

Recently released body cam footage give the public another new look at Kohberger prior to the November crimes he is facing charges for

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