Despite the fact that it's summertime in the Treasure Valley, we're all a little confused after watching big, cold chunks of hail fall from the sky just a day ago. Regardless--it is time to get outside and enjoy all that Idaho has to offer: the unpredictable weather is a piece of that, too.

What is more Idaho that taking a stroll to your nearest fishing hole and trying to catch a trout!? We can't think of many things that are more 'Idahoan' than that (take note, Californians, this is a great way to assimilate)!

On Saturday, June 10th-- an annual tradition put on by the Idaho Department of Fish and Game will return: everyone in Idaho can fish for free! Occurring annually on the second Saturday of June--this is a highly anticipated day for fishermen and fisherwomen--no matter their skill set or experience level!

What makes the fishing 'Free'? No license is required to drop a hook into the water!

The Idaho Department of Fish and Game has stocked up Idaho waters with about 500,000 catchable (10 to 13 inches) rainbow trout and while there are limited quantities of loaner rods and supplies--there will be some at locations nonetheless.

Learn more, HERE.

Here's a look at the biggest fish ever caught in Idaho! How Amazing! 

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Let's take a look back at Free Fishing Day last year! 

Idaho's Free Fishing Day 2022

Today, June 11th, is Free Fishing Day in Idaho. No fishing license is required today so teach a family member or friend the joys of fishing.

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