For many of us, few memories from childhood are more fond than visiting and utilizing the public library. When did you first experience the public library?  Was it with your family, your school?

Perhaps one of the most iconic childhood shows of all time, Arthur, said it best:

Having fun isn't hard, when you've got a library card!

If you didn't know this, September is an entire month dedicated to signing up for a library card--so why not tack action, now!?

When we talk about this, it seems easy to assume that only children are signing up for library cards. The assumption might be fair--the perks and benefits of a library to children range far and wide. From access to promotions and events to online assets, subscriptions, and the classic book rentals. Libraries these days cover a lot of bases and we love it!

For adults, however, the advantages are just as great! One of the most underrated benefits in our opinion is access to 'Libby'.  If you love audiobooks and have never used Libby--let us turn your world upside down.

Library card holders can download and use the Libby app to check out and listen to audio books--FOR FREE. No subscription cost is required.  Stop paying for Amazon Books and Audible, y'all!

Interested in signing up? You can do so online!

Find the Boise Library, HERE.

Find the Nampa Library, HERE.

Find the Meridian Library, HERE.

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