You read that right - the Treasure Valley is getting another roundabout. As we all know, as Idaho continues to grow so will the traffic. Such is the case at a busy intersection in Nampa, and drivers will now have to deal with at least a 4-month closure until a new roundabout is finished.

Closure Near Ford Idaho Center

The announcement came on Tuesday (5/16) that the major intersection at Cherry Ln. and Idaho Center Blvd. will be closed until September of this year. According to KTVB, the closure is due to the construction of a new multi-lane roundabout that will help alleviate congestion at the intersection as well as "improved pedestrian crossings, connection for future pedestrian pathway, street lighting, and new storm drain facilities."

Google Maps
Google Maps

Just what we need, right? Another roundabout. The people of the Treasure Valley have a heated history with roundabouts:

The worst thing about this is that drivers will need to use these detours for at least four months. If there are any delays, it could take longer.

Will the roundabout at the intersection of Idaho Center Blvd. and Cherry Ln. one day be the most hated roundabout in the Treasure Valley?

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