Whether you are "Team iPhone" or not, one thing is for sure: Apple's latest update is a game changer for iPhone users across the globe.


I'm a parent of three who is always on the go, so if you're like me, you probably aren't all that up-to-date on the latest trends in the tech world. At one point I was, but then kids happened and here we are.

After tucking in my kiddos last night (Exhibit A), I did what any parent does in bed after a long day - I scrolled through my phone. In my wind-down time, I stumbled across a post from Blaine County Sheriff's Office sharing a new feature that iPhone users could utilize in the event of having no service.

That's right, folks. We're living in the future as we can now access emergency services even if we don't have service. This is an absolute game-changer and one that can save many lives. Heck, before I knew anything about the area, I decided to take a drive into the Boise National Forest with my family on literally half a tank of gas. I wanted to see if we would be able to make it through the forest, not realizing just how long of a drive that would be.

At one point, we had no service and if this feature exist back then, I may have had a bit more piece of mind on our venture.

One thing I do want to know is how this kind of technology will impact horror movies in the future. Think about it, pretty soon anyone in any sort of trouble will always manage to contact emergency services and there will only be so many horror movies that can "destroy" the phone before the main characters can get to it.

All of that being said - this is a fantastic feature for iPhone users.

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