I've always agreed with the old saying: "If you've got the money, why not?" and let me tell you - if I had the money,  I would definitely cough up the cash for the house I found in Ketchum, Idaho.

It has a price tag of $21.8 million... and it's worth it

The home is located at 455 N. Bigwood Dr. in Ketchum and is a whopping 10,184 square feet. The home has six bedrooms to go with eleven bathrooms... that's right.


The house is a spa lover's dream because it has seemingly endless ways to kick back and disconnect from the outside world. The house has its own sauna, wine storage, beautiful outdoor areas, and several areas that have stunning views of the beautiful scenery Idaho has to offer.

The closet looks like a freakin' trendy department store and there's even a massage parlor inside the home.

It also has the most jaw-dropping kitchen you'll ever see

No, seriously. Whoever designed the kitchen knew what they were doing and understood the art of aesthetics. The skylight combined with the lighting of the kitchen has the space oozing with luxury. Seriously, it looks like something out of a movie set.

Let's take a look at this unbelievable $21.8 million dollar home for sale in Ketchum that is absolutely a spa lover's dream.

This Unbelievable $21.8 Million Idaho Home Is A Spa Lover's Dream

If you've got the cash and love relaxing... this is the home for you.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

That home is great for anyone who wants to relax... but if you want some peace of mind? You'll want to check out this multimillion-dollar home that features a safe room.

Yes... a safe room.

$1.6 Million Idaho Home Has 2-Chandelier Closet, Hidden Safe Room

A Pocatello home was just added to the Zillow with a price tag of $1.6 million. The home features a double-chandelier walk-in closet as well as a safe room.

Let's take a quick second to look at how massive the house is from the outside, then we will talk from the entrance all the way to the safe room. Let's do this!

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

A Look Inside of A Stunning Boise Home That Is Over $100k/Year To Rent

This is the most expensive rental home in Boise at $8,500 a month. Scroll on to see the game room, billiards, wine cellar, and more...

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Astonishing Eagle, Idaho Home Has Its Own Private Go-Kart Track

Located at 2101 N Corsey Way in Eagle, this luxury home is unlike anything we've seen before!

Gallery Credit: Michelle Heart

Boise Home Has A Safe Room But It's Not What You Would Expect

The outside of this house definitely caught my eye and once I looked inside I discovered that this home has a "safe room" and the inside had me scratching my head.

Gallery Credit: Kyle Matthews

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