There was a movie that came out back in the 90s called Volcano and it starred none other than Tommy freakin' Lee Jones. And what did Tommy freakin' Lee Jones do in that movie? He took on a volcanic eruption in Los Angeles. Literally. Look at how he lines up with firefighters to defend the streets from hot lava flowing towards them with water hoses.

I'm not sure that those water hoses will do much to stop all of that lava but I'm not sure they would know because they're just sitting there watching the lava flow. While the movie today is ridiculous, it struck fear into the hearts of many and really inflated the misconceptions we have about volcanoes.

When I learned that Idaho was home to not one but several volcanoes in the area, I immediately thought: "If one erupted... could Tommy Lee Jones save us?"

Idaho Has Plenty of Volcanoes

According to the US Geological Survey, Idaho is home to several volcanoes that include the Craters of the Moon, Wapi, Kings Bowl, North and South Robbers, Cerro Grande, Hells Half Acre, and Black Butte Crater lava field.

With so many volcanoes in our state, are we doomed if one ever erupts? Even more interesting is when will one of these volcanoes erupt and which one will it be?

According to the US Geological Survey, the answer can be found at the Craters of the Moon...

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Thankfully, we have some time before we'll ever experience another volcanic eruption. That day is inevitable so as long as nothing crazy happens on Earth between now and then... you know... like aliens taking over perhaps?

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