Street names that make you go, "hmm."

To our knowledge, the Gem State has 20 of them. Not to brag, but one of them even made Mental Floss' list of 40 strangest streets names in the nation. Shout-out to Caldwell's Chicken Dinner Road!

Here's the thing: do we really need another Main Street? According to the United States Census Bureau, there are already 7,644 Main Streets scattered about the country. If you want our honest opinion, we're over bland and boring street names. Bring on the spunk! Forget 1st Street and Park Lane. Let's go with fun and memorable like these street names from around the nation:

  • AL: This Ain't It Road
  • WA: Kitchen-Dick Road
  • IA: One Fun Place
  • FL: I Dream of Jeanie Way
  • GA: Linger Longer Road

If you think these wacky and weird street names are great, scroll on to check out what Idaho has up its sleeve!

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