There's something alluring about railroad tracks.

From the aging wooden railway sleepers that hold the hot rolled steel tracks in place, to the beautiful dark patina on brass and nickel-silver rails, I find railroad tracks remarkably beautiful.

Personally, they also appeal to my sense of adventure and love of exploration. When I was younger, it was exciting to think I'd actually find the place where the tracks meet the sunset or where the sidewalk ended. As the years pass by, they tend to symbolize my spiritual journey and my ever evolving search for new direction, connection, or even division.

But honestly, that's where it ends for me.

Railroad tracks: beautiful but deadly

It wasn't until after my daughter's team photoshoot on the retired railroad tracks at the Boise Train Depot that I learned why railroad photography was so dangerous and illegal in every state in the country.

Much of what I learned never even occurred to me. Really, I don't know that it occurs to most people either. That's why I've become so adamant about sharing the dangers of railroad tracks with my family, friends, and readers.

Scroll for 11 reasons to keep yourself & your kids far away from railroad tracks.

11 Surprising Reasons Idaho Railroad Tracks are So Deadly

It doesn't matter if it's a picturesque stroll down the tracks between two sleepy towns or a newlywed photoshoot—it's never okay to set foot on Idaho railroad tracks. 

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