You don't want to go to prison. If you've ever watched shows like 60 Days In on A&E, you might think to yourself, "I could handle prison." or "How hard could it be?" Hard times are hard, and you shouldn't take my word for it—I've never done it. Take it from the people who have actually spent time in prison in Idaho.

A Tale of Two Prisons

Obviously, there's a big difference between a county jail and a white-collar prison. County jail, often described as a roach motel, is a far cry from the latter, which might be mistaken for a mini one-bunk Hilton. Ask anyone who's served time, and they'll tell you this dramatic difference in physical conditions is a crucial element of the prison experience.

While inmates in county jail are roughing their way through grim sentences and accommodations, the white-collar crowd made up of wealthy elites are sentenced to a luxe escape in low-security, high-class facilities.

Low-Class vs. High-Class Facilities

Limp and cushionless mattresses, slop-like food, and crude toileting practices are just three of many unsavory experiences inmates in low-class facilities say they deal with.

On the one hand, white-collar residents in leisurely jumpsuits participate in physical and recreational activities on well-manicured lawns.

Why let a prison sentence get in the way of a career or a gym bod? For non-violent, white-collar offenders, keeping up with the stock market, the news, and sports is pretty easy. If their cells aren't equipped with high-speed internet and workout equipment, chances are their clubhouse is.

The prison reviews we found tell the story of what it's really like in both types of places. Some are hilarious, and some are shocking!

These 11 Hilarious Reviews of Idaho Jails Will Make You Thank God For The Internet

Actual Google reviews for Idaho Jails and Prisons. No, really!

Gallery Credit: Marco

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