Idaho is known for a lot of things - amazing food, mountains, finger steaks, and yes... Bigfoot. While there are a lot of theories as to where Bigfoot is lurking in the Treasure Valley, there is one video floating around on the internet that seemingly shows where Bigfoot either lived... or where he attacked.

What is going on in the woods of Idaho?

A video posted to YouTube by a channel called "Muskrat Outdoors" shows an eerie video of a campsite taken in the woods and mountains of Idaho. A man is seen in the video exploring what appears to be an abandoned keep that he found when he came across a milk canister.

What makes the video eerie and creepy is how much stuff was left behind and in the manner in which it was left. There is a huge wooden structure that looks like it took some strength to build and there's even a cabin.

But where did it all come from and who was behind it? Better yet - why did the person or people who left it behind hide their items on purpose? Were they being attacked? Could it be the legendary Bigfoot?

A possible answer

The original poster commented below his video and shared that he may have figured out some of the mystery behind what's going on.

I have had two local people, at separate times, apart from each other, give me the same name and similar story. I was told back in the 1960's there was an old man that trapped out of the cabin near where I found these furs. One, said they thought he had lived in the cabin, the other said he thought he just stayed back there to trap. Anyway, they both said his name was Neal Allen. One guy said that he thought the trapper had died in the cabin.

While that sounds ominous as is, the original poster added that he still doesn't have all of the answers.

I'll do some more asking around, but that would explain why he never came back for these furs. Why he hid them is still a mystery.

What do you think happened? Let's break down what we're seeing and watch the video for ourselves.

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