It's a question we've all asked ourselves at some point: "Is it legal to purchase a military tank for my own personal collection?"

Luckily for you, we have the answer.

Legal? Yes. Conditional? Absolutely.

According to sources like and, it is perfectly legal to own a tank in Idaho... under one certain condition:

Tanks are legal to own [in] the USA and other countries. There are no US Federal restrictions to owning a tank with a demilitarized (disabled) main gun. You may operate it on private land without restrictions. You will also need to determine if there are State or local laws prohibiting tank ownership. If you can own a tractor, you can own a tank!

We're loving that last part comparing a tank to a tractor... they're not wrong! Sure, one was made to cultivate soil and crops whereas one was designed to endure roadside bombs but you get the point.

Now, we couldn't find any tanks for sale in Idaho but we didn't want to leave you hanging so we found three military vehicles for sale in Idaho. Also, we went ahead and priced out the cost of a tank for you... just in case.

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Maybe the tank isn't your thing. Perhaps you don't have enough space and that's okay, most of us don't! So, we have some alternatives for you - weapons that are illegal everywhere else except Idaho. That's right - if you have to fight AKA "defend", why not "defend" a little bit dirty? Here are the weapons you can use...

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