The Boise State football program is among the best in the country and proof of that can be found in its rich history. From the blue field of Albertsons Stadium to the storied career of Kellen Moore, there is plenty to talk about when you dive into Bronco lore. Like the time that an NCAA ban could have changed the entire course of Boise State history.

The NCAA Says "No" To All-Blue

It makes sense in theory - if your uniform matches the field, you're probably going to blend in a little bit. The thing is, football players aren't typically small and they are typically really fast. Chances are, if you're a quarterback looking for your receivers in the endzone against Boise State, you'll spot any Boise State defenders charging at you. Especially if they're coming at you full speed and you're the unlucky soul who gets blindsided. If that's the case... we hope you're okay.

The Mountain West Conference initially was behind the ban of Boise State's all-blue jerseys citing complaints of a "competitive advantage" but they changed their tune within two seasons according to a report from back in 2013. When the NCAA decided to propose a ban on wearing jerseys that "blend in" with the field, it was the Mountain West Conference that stood up for Boise State.

Let's look into the story of how the NCAA almost ruined one of the best things about Boise State football... the uniforms.

How An NCAA Ban Almost Ruined Boise State Athletics

Remember that time that the NCAA wanted to ban Boise State's all-blue uniforms?

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