A lot of people talk about the two constants in life being death and taxes. I could argue that in Idaho, you can throw in another pair of constants: people moving to Idaho and people complaining about moving to Idaho.

We've all had "that convo"

You know how it goes. You reconnect with a relative or someone that doesn't live in Idaho and they ask how everything is going. You give them a brief update and they suddenly say the words:

"You know, I've been thinking of moving to Boise."

Then you immediately think of rising housing costs, traffic jams on roads that never used to have traffic jams, and everything else that people seem to blame on outsiders.

Do you really want to contribute to that?

Of course not! That is why we are sharing the eleven alternatives that you can suggest to the person that is thinking of moving to Idaho. The strategy is simple: go with the easy sale.

Let's take a look at the alternatives you can suggest to anyone thinking of moving to Idaho.

11 Places To Suggest If Someone Tells You They're Moving to Idaho

So, someone just told you they're thinking about moving to Idaho. Here are ten alternatives you can suggest to keep them away.

Gallery Credit: Chris Cardenas

Now, perhaps you want to beef up your case and really get your point across. Share these reasons why Boise is the "absolute worst" with that person who is thinking of Idaho. You'll be doing those who want to keep outsiders out of Idaho a service! Let's get right to it!

10 Reasons Why Boise is the Absolute WORST. *Don't Move Here*

We don't know why everyone is so crazy about Idaho... We think it's a terrible place to live.

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Oh, they're still insisting on coming to Idaho you say? Don't worry we got you covered. Let's take a look at more reasons not to move here that you can share with those would-be "transplants."

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