Idaho has been a magnet for Americans looking for more freedom and a better way of life. The state is usually ranked as one of the most popular states for growth in the nation.

Whether we live in the Treasure Valley or another part of Idaho, we all feel the impact of so many people moving to our area with the increase in traffic, overcrowding of schools, and overpriced homes.

However, are people leaving Idaho, and where are they moving to? Our friends at Stacker, who tirelessly work to compile extensive lists on trends, have compiled a list of where folks are moving out of Idaho. It's based on the 2019 Census report.

Check Out The Three States That Are Attracting Idahoans

Idahoans would rather live in these states.

Before we break down the three big states mentioned in the report, do you have a guess at which conditions are most popular amongst former Idahoans? California? Texas? Missouri? We could continue to speculate; however, let's share with you the big three states attracting Idahoans.

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