Payette, Idaho Over 100 patriots attended the Payette County Republican Lincoln Days. The event was a great time as folks began to organize after three years of restrictions on public meetings. It was a great night of like-minded Republicans sharing their views on the current legislation and the future of Idaho's Republican Party.

Payette County Lincoln Day / Brittiany G
Payette County Lincoln Day / Brittiany G


Congressman Russ Fulcher, Lieutenant Governor Scott Bedke and Idaho Republican Chairwoman Dorothy Moon spoke to the enthusiastic crowd. Folks had a great meal and bid on silent auction items that will fund the Payette County Republicans. 

A huge thank you to everyone giving their time and treasure Saturday night, benefiting a great cause. I was blessed to participate in the event and had the opportunity to speak on how blessed we are to live in this great state. Here is the text of my speech.

I want to thank all of you for the privilege of speaking before you tonight; it is great to see old and new friends.

Payette County Lincoln Day / Brittiany G
Payette County Lincoln Day / Brittiany G

We live in a beautiful country and a great state; I humbly say these words as we honor Abraham Lincoln, our country, our state, and all of you in Payette County.

My name is Kevin Miller, and I host a talk show on Idaho's first radio station, KIDO, 1075 FM, 580 AM, and the KIDO Talk Radio App. Every day, my responsibility is to provoke, entertain, and sometimes inform folks about what's happening on their way to work. 

The show is a talk show, but not in the traditional sense; I like to listen to passionate and distinctive patriots who want to be heard. Sometimes that's a good thing, and sometimes it's... memorable.

Payette County Lincoln Day / Brittiany G
Payette County Lincoln Day / Brittiany G

You know it was two years ago yesterday that we lost our conservative hero, Rush Limbaugh. He was always there for us. 

Over thirty years, he guided us through the good times and the bad. When we heard the Pretenders' song, 'My City was Gone,' our day became so much better.

In our republic, it's essential to listen, now more than ever. Can you believe it's been three years since the world has shutdown? 

At this time, a once-every-hundred-year pandemic changed our world. Historians, not bloggers, will right about how we handled this challenge. 

Some say it's time to get back to normal, but that's easier said than done; we live in a new normal, where politics have transitioned from civic duty to entertainment to a lifestyle. 

Talk radio show hosts used to say, 'this election is the most crucial election in our lives (until the next one); now that saying is true. 

It is the Republican Party that stands for individual freedom. The party of Lincoln, the great protector of the union, that is the roadblock to Biden spending in excess and letting every Chinese Balloon fly over America without a response.

Every election does matter; Americans today, because of the woke social media, liberal media conglomerates, and radical politicians, have, for the first time in my 55 years, not held a president and his political party responsible for their damage to our economy. 

Could you imagine what would've happened if Biden and Pelosi were still running the House? Our party may be flawed, but it is the country's only hope. And Idaho is America's only hope.

Payette County Lincoln Day / Brittiany G
Payette County Lincoln Day / Brittiany G

And the national liberals have noticed. Can you believe how many times Joe has targeted Idaho through public statements and lawsuits? The president, it seems, has Idaho on his mind; perhaps he wants to make us an example of what happens when you let the people decide as opposed to big government party bosses. 

Why Idaho? Because this state represents the antithesis of the nanny state run amok.

Some of us have moved here from places where the democrats and crazy libs run wild and free. I would put the dominance of Idaho's Republican Party as the most dominant in the country. Republicans always win in Idaho; now, if we could only fix Boise!

Before the last few roller coaster years of political football, the nation enjoyed great times. Even during our darkest hours, there has been the shining city on the hill that President Reagan spoke of so many years ago.  

We cannot live on hope alone, but America has always risen to the occasion to save the world several times. The world would be a darker place without America. We can look to our underdog sacrificial spirit, our national heritage, when times are tough.

From Valley Forge, Gettysburg, the war to end all wars, world war II, Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, Enduring Freedom, and other calls to action, Americans rise to the occasion. 

When times get tough, we look at our real heroes, not fictional movie heroes, to inspire us. We have to protect their legacy by emulating their sacrifice. American history is to be honored, not vilified. No matter what the media people say, there's more of us than them.

Speaking of our presidential heroes, if you've ever seen Washington DC or been there, it's the home of many memorials from Washington to Lincoln.

The World War II Memorial in Washington, DC, is one of the most iconic American monuments. Before you enter the memorial, there is a giant plaque that reads."

Here is the presence of Washington and Lincoln, one the Eighteenth-century father and the other the nineteenth-century preserver of our nation; we honor those twentieth-century Americans who took up the struggle during the second world war and made the sacrifices to perpetuate the gift our forefathers entrusted to us.

A nation conceived in liberty and justice.

And that's where we all come in.. our world glamorizing the big stars of politics and media... the true difference makers are in this room. I marvel at all of you who live in the political arena. The believers, the candidates, the supporters, and the spenders...

We all know the old saying from Tip O'Neil, 'all politics is local. Those of you who are in this room are heroes that are essential to our republic. We salute all who run for office, spend time away from their families, sacrifice their careers, buy too many yard signs, and bruise their knuckles from knocking on too many doors.

Thank you to the families who may not be as involved in politics but do the extra work and provide unconditional love and support. And to the believers, the campaign volunteers who do this for the love of county, state, and country, God Bless You, and God Bless The United States of America.

Payette County Lincoln Days

Payette County Lincoln Days held at McCain Middle School in Payette Idaho 2/18/2023

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