We're still a few months away from the return of our beloved college football. This time of year is when conferences get together to review their schedules and discuss the future of one of the country's most popular sports. 

This week we learned that the once regarded-for-dead Big 12 is now the conference attracting the most attention after SEC and the BIG 10. Before we get to the Big 12, let's give you a quick update on the two conferences that have been left behind and are on life support.

The ACC concluded their spring meeting agreeing that despite several reports that the conference would disintegrate, they are still in business. Published reports had at least seven teams seeking to leave the ACC for greener pastures.

Is the Pac-12 still an actual conference? The past premiere college football conference still needs a media rights deal. ESPN has declined to offer any money for a conference without the LA market. One report had the conference trying to convince unknown ION Television to carry their games. Adding to the PAC's unrest are many reports saying that Colorado would like to return to the Big 12. 

This week the Big 12 announced that they are actively looking to add more teams. KIRO reported that Commissioner Brett Yormark addressed the media via video conference. "We have a plan," Yormark said. "We have an appetite to be a national conference in our makeup from coast to coast. We love our current composition, and love the four new schools that are coming in the next month. However, if the opportunity presents itself to create value, we will pursue it. It is a focus of ours."

Outside of Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and Arizona State, the two best targets for the Big 12 are Boise State and San Diego State. Yes, we've heard from all the experts how the Broncos don't have a big media market, and the university has its limits. However, who outside of Boise State can draw a national audience? Will anyone tune in to see UCF? SMU? Can Tulane capture the same amount of eyeballs as Bronco Nation?  

San Diego State brings the big California market to the Big 12, p.us an excellent basketball team. The Aztecs are rumored to be on the shortlist for the rudderless Pac-12. However, will the Pac-12 survive in five years? 

If the Big 12 is as innovative as they'd like the public to believe it is, they will invite Boise State before the season begins. Ask Oklahoma State or Oklahoma if the Broncos belong in the Big 12. The results will speak for themselves.   


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