Where are the best places for hot chocolate in Boise area and throughout the Treasure Valley? We asked, and you answered! Keep scrolling for a complete list of the best places for hot chocolate, according to you 👇

Tis’ the season of getting warm cups of hot chocolate... frequently. But where should you go for the best hot chocolate in the Boise area? We asked you on Facebook to tell us your favorite hot chocolate places in the area and you totally delivered.

Your responses varied from homemade hot chocolate to the Albertson’s Stadium hot chocolate to multiple different shops throughout the valley. And yeah, you could always make your own hot chocolate from scratch... but going out for hot chocolate with friends and family is so much more fun!

Homemade hot cocoa is probably better quality, but let’s be honest, both (any) option is still better than the little packets of hot chocolate you poor into your cup — those can be delicious, too, but it’s not what we’re going for when considering the best hot chocolate in the Treasure Valley.

I had to main observations after checking out your answers:

  1. LOTS of you would say your own hot chocolate is better than anywhere else
  2. This basically turned into a battle between Dutch Bros & Moxie Java

We asked, and you answered!

Keep scrolling for a complete list of the best places for hot chocolate (AND coffee) according to you 👇

Where Are the Best Places for Hot Cocoa in Boise?

Your answers! :)

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