Happy Valentine's Day, y'all! Love is in the air and everyone is celebrating their significant others. For some couples that might mean staying inside for some alone time, and for others that might mean going out to a really nice dinner or traveling to a romantic destination in Idaho.

But where is the most romantic place in Idaho?

There's an article from Cheapism that shares the most romantic destinations in each state —  and you won't believe what made the list for Idaho! (I didn't...)

Photo by Julie Barber on Unsplash
Photo by Julie Barber on Unsplash

Shoshone Falls in Twin Falls, Idaho

Now, these are just my personal thoughts and opinions, but I feel like I can think of other places in Idaho that might be more romantic. Don't get me wrong, Shoshone Falls is awesome, but is it the MOST romantic place in all of Idaho? I think not.

Resorts and romantic getaways in McCall, Sun Valley, Coeur d'Alene, Stanley, Sandpoint, or even something simple and close like the Botanical Gardens, or any of the amazing hot springs nearby — there's so much to choose from. But, regarding Shoshone Falls, Cheapism said...

"Can't resist the romance of an impressive waterfall view? There's no need to head to tourist-packed Niagara. Twin Falls' Shoshone Falls are taller than their more famous counterpart back east. Venture along the Snake River Canyon Rim Trail for spectacular views or grab a kayak with your sweetie and paddle on the river below."

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