If you live in the Treasure Valley, I'm willing to bet you've probably never even heard of this golf course. But somehow it's rated the best golf course in all of Idaho, and one of the greatest in the entire country.

Google Maps | Cody Beckley
Google Maps | Cody Beckley

There's a recent article from Stadium Talk that shares a list of the Best U.S. Golf Courses by State, and of course we wanted to see who made the list for Idaho 👇

Just 30-minutes south of Coeur d’Alene, down an incredibly windy road, you’ll eventually reach a town called Harrison, where there is a private Golf & Lake Club for members only… and that would be Gozzer Ranch Golf & Lake Club.

Ah, I’ve always wondered what the heck is in Kootenai County. The City of Harrison is located there, and it has a population of less than 250 people (231 recorded in 2019).

Gozzer Ranch’s website says, “Ranked No. 28 on Golf Digest’s 100 Greatest Golf Courses of 2017 and 2018, our private, 18-hole course accentuates the innate beauty and dramatic landscape of Gozzer Ranch. Several holes play along the edges of basalt bluffs where 100-foot-high spires, crags and cliff faces are back-dropped by sweeping views of the lake and nearby mountains.”

Only a few problems for us Treasure Valley locals...

  1. This course is 7.5 hours away.
  2. This is a private golf course for members only, which includes owning a residency there.

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