One of the best things about America is the freedom of expression. There's no better place to witness patriotism than in Boise, Idaho. People in Boise have pride in their country and why not? Take a drive through the Treasure Valley and you'll see it's about as American as it gets here.

But not everyone feels that way...

Unfortunately, some people have negative feelings toward patriotism to the point where people are willing to destroy another's property to prove it.

One woman in a popular Boise Facebook group shared just that with a photo captioned:

"Bummer. Someone had to have taken a ladder into our yard to rip our flags down. Two new flags, poles and another Blink camera on the way! (by the way, the American flagpole has a dent in it too, as though someone was about to rip that one down as well)."

The photo, which we can see here, clearly shows two flags ripped down with the American flag appearing as if it was bent.

Beth M./Facebook
Beth M./Facebook

As we said, one of the beautiful things about living in America is the ability to express yourself. This person had two flags representing their personal beliefs to go with an American flag - you know, being patriotic.

Is that not sacred anymore? Aren't we all on the same side?

It should be obvious that tearing down someone's flag is an act of vandalism and can be met with some serious consequences according to Idaho law. If caught, you'd be "guilty of a misdemeanor and shall be punishable by imprisonment in the county jail for up to one (1) year or a fine of not more than one thousand dollars ($1,000), or both."

The punishment is upgraded to a felony if the damage done exceeds $1,000. If the person who ripped these flags down happened to damage the house in the process, there's no telling what the cost could've amounted to.

Stay vigilant and pay attention to your personal property - apparently, being patriotic can be offensive to some.

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