Look at this adorable “she shed” on Facebook Marketplace. We’ve seen plenty of tiny homes for sale on Facebook Marketplace this year, but have you ever seen a shed that’s fully insulated, modernized, and designed specifically to be a place for business?

The pictures definitely make you want to step inside and get to work 👇

On the inside, the office space’s interior measurements are 9.5ft tall, 11ft long, and 7ft wide, and the exterior measurements are 10ft tall, 12ft long, and 8ft wide. We’re not talking a lot of space here, but just the right amount to provide the perfect, additional workspace.

And one thing I always say about these awesome tiny builds is that you can take them and (usually) put them wherever you want to. I think in this case, if you don’t currently have enough space for a home office, just put this in your backyard and you’re good to go.

Here’s what the seller’s description on Facebook says...

“Fully insulated walls and ceiling. 6 outlets, wired through RV hookup to 120v. 2 canned lights, 1 small chandelier. Tv mount and elevated outlet. Dry walled with textured and custom wallpaper. Perfect for outdoor office. Will sell deck platform for additional cost.”

It’s fully upgraded with nicer, more modern features and appliances, which is great. The link on Facebook will be removed once someone buys it, so keep scrolling here for the pictures of she shed, as well as pictures of other tiny homes in the Treasure Valley 👇

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