What do you think is Idaho's most iconic job?

It's tough not to think of potato farming when thinking of iconic jobs in Idaho. It's also hard not to think of agriculture in general, but Idaho's most iconic job, according to 24/7 Wall St., probably is far from what you or I ever thought it would be. 

How did they determine the most iconic job in each state?

They reviewed state employment data from the Labor Statistics Occupational Wage and Employment Statistics survey for May 2022. "Occupations in every state were ranked by their location quotient – the ratio of the concentration of an occupation's employment in a state relative to its concentration nationwide." 

What's Idaho's most iconic job? 

Idaho is home to an iconic job that often flies under the radar, nuclear engineers. The profession is critical in the state's history, economy, and national security. Idaho's nuclear engineers are at the forefront of nuclear energy research, development, and maintenance, contributing significantly to the nation's energy sector and defense capabilities. 

The Idaho National Laboratory (INL), located in the eastern part of the state, is a renowned nuclear research facility that spans over 890 square miles. Idaho's commitment to nuclear engineering also extends to its educational institutions, with the University of Idaho offering degrees in nuclear engineering. 



Idaho: Nuclear Engineers

Concentration of occupation within Idaho: 9.0 times the U.S. Avg.

Employment occupation: 590 in Idaho/12,250 in the U.S.

Average annual wage in occupation: $149,100 in Idaho/$124,540 in the U.S.

Other iconic jobs listed are recreational vehicle service techs, graders and sorters, agricultural products, food and tobacco roasting, baking, and drying machine operators and tenders.

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