Education and athleticism are two things no one can ever take away from you. With fitness, you can attain a physical appearance that no one can take away and with schooling, you'll achieve knowledge that no one can dispute.

Is education lacking in Idaho?

One might not initially think of Idaho as uneducated and we can't blame them for having faith in Idaho. Between Boise State, the University of Idaho, and all of the other college options people have in Idaho, you would think Idaho would rank among the elite in education.

Unfortunately, a study from WalletHub revealed otherwise.

As a matter of fact, Idaho's education rank is pretty bad compared to other states. Even California ranked better than Idaho.

So, what's the problem?

Some might attribute the issues of quality education to low teacher salaries, forcing students to prepare for standardized testing (ISAT), or even the way some schools are financed.

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Whatever the case might be, Idaho's education rank isn't good and hopefully, things improve sooner rather than later.

Here's where Idaho ranks in education compared to our neighboring states...

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Could Idaho's low rank in education be attributed to what they're teaching in our classrooms? What subjects do you think they should start teaching kids in elementary school? What about high school when they're on the verge of becoming adults in society?

Here are some suggestions from you, the people of the Treasure Valley say our schools should be teaching.

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