Definitely an Idaho favorite, Guy Fieri has been here to Boise many times, and he's proven to be a very down-to-earth guy who's social and interactive with locals and the community.

Guy Fieri Eating GIF By Carnival Cruise Line

Some would say he's living the dream — I mean come on, traveling, connecting with people, eating the best food in the country, and making money doing it? Sign me up! But, how much money does he really make?

How much money does Guy Fieri really make? 👇

Not only do we know him from the TV shows he's on, but he also owns many restaurants and brands that generate multiple streams of revenue for him. For example, his tequila brand, Santo, and his restaurants Guy Fieri’s Taco Joint, El Burro Borracho, Guy Fieri’s Tequila Cocina, and Guy Fieri’s Dive Bar & Taco Joint.

And I'm sure there are more brands and restaurants that I don't know about, and there are probably a lot more that will pop up in the future.

So, looking at this, we can assume he's probably doing pretty well, and we haven't even talked about his big-deal contracts for TV appearances etc. Let's find out how much his new net worth is...

His net worth is around $70 million dollars!

And, with his TV shows and appearances on the Food Network, we know that he has at least signed a one, 3-year contract for $80 million dollars — and there might even be more we don't know about.

Keep scrolling for 15 Boise Area restaurants that are an absolute must try in 2023, and a list of restaurants in Idaho that Guy Fieri has visited (and restaurants in Idaho we think he should visit) and more 👇

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Here are six places I would recommend to Guy if he were to come back to Idaho, which he totally should. He lives in Northern California, it's not that far away! Just a couple of hours.

In honor of him coming back to our beloved state, we will even temporarily change out name to: Guydaho. How could you turn that offer down?

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