Summertime is supposed to be one of the most fun times of the year with people venturing out to explore all that the great state of Idaho has to offer.

The thing is, some of us can get bored very easily and we need something different.

Sometimes, you just have to explore

Idaho is home to several places you can visit and get lost in. Just think about how many trails and campgrounds there are - what are you supposed to do? Not explore?

That's not the Idaho way.

The thing is, while you're free to do quite a bit in Idaho, there are a few places you want to completely avoid. Not only can some of these places be illegal to visit, but they can also be dangerous.

People don't mess around in Idaho, if they think you're up to something, they'll likely speak up and confront you about it... if you seem like a threat, you better hope they don't have a gun in their hand!

We did some digging and looked up the places you do not want to get busted for visiting. Some of these places are right here near downtown Boise while others are a little more secluded.

Some of these should be obvious but again - it's easy to forget or miss a sign when you're exploring all that Idaho has to offer.

You don't have to admit it to us but... have you visited any of these five forbidden places in Idaho?

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