I mean, pretty much ALL of Idaho is cool, and some common favorites include Coeur d'Alene, Sun Valley, Boise, Stanley etc. But, if you had to pick just one place in Idaho and give it the name, "coolest town in Idaho," what would you pick?

We found a list from Far & Wide that shares the coolest towns in America, and it was just recently updated. So, as of right now, what town do you think made the list for Idaho in 2023?

Ketchum, Idaho

CSNafzger | Shutterstock
CSNafzger | Shutterstock

Founded in 1880 and currently has a population of 2,763. However, while they're claiming the town has 2,763 people, I did some digging and the latest reports from 2020 show that the population is 3,555.

And actually, this isn't the first time Ketchum has made the list, as this it the town's 2nd year in a row being on the list from Far & Wide. And it isn't just their lists, either, as it's been one of the coolest towns on multiple lists for years and years. But what makes it so cool?

A Favorite for Architectural Digest and Country Living, Far & Wide says...

"Within central Idaho is the sweet town of Ketchum, the heart of Sun Valley Ski Resort. (That's the mountain flanking the town.) Find art museums and galleries alongside ski shops and amenities in this artistic community that has yet to become an Instagram sensation — making it far cooler, in our book."

Turns out, I’ve been missing out all these years haha! I’ve grown up in Idaho and I’ve never been to Ketchum — it’s about time I go check it out! :)

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