Californians have been leaving the state for years now. Those who haven't and are contemplating a move to Utah should brace themselves for a potentially rude awakening as they transition from the Golden State to the Beehive State. 

In some areas of the country, some states are less accepting. Some people in Idaho can't stand that Californians have been moving there for years, but most people are accepting. You're going to experience the same in Utah. 

Did you know that there's a website encouraging and helping people to relocate to Utah? 

In 2002, California had the highest population in the country, whereas Utah was ranked 30th. Californians aren't the only ones moving to Utah. One primary reason people are moving from California to Utah is the cost of living. California has some of the highest housing costs in the country. Utah's economy has grown steadily, particularly in technology, healthcare, and finance. Utah is also ranked as one of the most business-friendly states in the U.S. The state's tax policies and regulatory environment attract entrepreneurs and business owners. 

While Utah has much to offer, the transition can be a wake-up call for Californians who don't do their homework before moving. If you've moved to Utah from California, there's a good chance you'll be able to relate. 

Californians Moving To Utah Are In For A Rude Awaking

Moving to Utah from California will be a huge culture shock for most. From politics, weather, and wildlife. Here are some things you should probably know before moving.

Even though there are a lot of people moving from California and across the country to Utah. There are also a lot of people from Utah who are moving to other states. In fact, people from Utah are moving to California. It's the third-highest state after Arizona and Texas.

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