Reddit roasted a man who left his son's wedding early after the groom mentioned his stepdad and not him during the wedding speech.

The man shared that he wasn't "physically involved" in his son Justin's childhood since he separated from his ex-wife and "had to travel a lot for work." He recalled that his ex-wife got remarried and her new husband was "more available" than he was for Justin.

"During his teenage years, Justin started having fights with me saying stuff like I prioritized work over him, that I'm a Disney parent but was never there for the hard times even though I provided for him financially. He claimed that 'it's only because the law made me,' which isn't true at all and I strongly believe his stepdad was feeding lies into him," the man wrote via Reddit.

Over the past few years, he and Justin became closer and began to rekindle their relationship. When he found out his son was getting married, the man "decided to offer paying for the venue and Justin seemed very appreciative of it."

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"My wife and I attended the wedding and all went well, except… when Justin started giving a speech. He kept talking about his mom and stepdad and nowhere did he mention me, not even with a single word of recognition. I was hurt and devastated. I couldn't help but feel this way," he continued.

The man noted that he tried to keep his "composure" but decided to "leave the wedding early."

"I went home and broke down but then I calmed down. Justin called asking why I left so early, I said I felt sick, but he kept pushing until I told him that I got upset that he didn't mention me or recognize me in his speech and he said that I was being ridiculous to get upset over that. I asked him to respect how I felt but he argued he wasn't going to lie to make me happy. I asked what he meant because as far as I know, part of his wedding was paid for by me," the man added, revealing his son told him that he owed him nothing and then hung up on him.

In the comments section, Reddit users slammed the man for being an absent father yet demanding to be acknowledged by his son at the wedding.

"There's really no memories to even mention you in a speech. He's right by your own admission. You weren't there, you don't get to be mentioned in a speech," one person wrote.

"[Original poster] broke down when he got home but boy has he failed to realize how many times his son broke down, because he was abandoned by his poor excuse of a dad," another chimed in.

"How much do you want to bet that he only paid for the venue so he could literally buy his involvement in the wedding, setting himself up with something to use against his son? It makes sense for you to have feelings about not being in the speech. That’s not why [you're the a--hole]. You need to reflect and see that that feeling you feel is regret for missing your kid’s life, and the solution isn’t to throw a temper tantrum. It’s to fix the relationship with your kid," someone else commented.

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