A man on Reddit slammed his fiancée as being "selfish" after she told him she planned to announce her pregnancy at her cousin's upcoming wedding.

The man's fiancée's cousin has been "struggling" to get pregnant, and suffered a pregnancy loss on Mother's Day. The wedding was initially going to be postponed, but the couple decided to forge ahead.

When his fiancée told him that she planned to announce her pregnancy at her cousin's nuptials, he "told her it’s not at all a good idea."

"This just seemed so wrong, especially it being at their wedding. I asked if she was gonna at least ask her cousin for permission and she said, no because she wanted it to be a surprise for everyone," the man wrote via Reddit.

He explained that her cousin's wedding wasn't the right "time nor the place" to announce her pregnancy, as it would "take the spotlight off the couple."

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"Fiancée feels that’s the perfect time because it’s such a joy and it’s not like she can keep it away forever and their problems shouldn’t keep her from telling something so positive, so it's on them if they turn it negative. I told her that’s not the point, she knows what they’ve been through and she’s being selfish if she actually goes through with that," the man continued.

The woman cried and accused him of not being "supportive" of her.

"She doesn’t want me to come with her to the wedding anymore either, feeling as if I would 'kill the mood.' She hasn’t been talking to me either," he concluded.

In the comments section, Reddit users blasted the woman for even contemplating making her pregnancy announcement at the wedding.

"Your fiancée has a bad case of main character syndrome," one person wrote.

"Hijacking someone's event to make your own announcement is extremely rude and selfish. Add on that the couple is having trouble getting pregnant themselves ... it's that x10," another commented.

"Are you sure you want to marry this person? She seems to have zero self awareness, and when you didn't leap to three cheers for her stupid idea, she doesn't want you there because you'll kill the mood? She definitely loves herself above everyone else including you," someone else weighed in.

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