On Twitter, a rapper and hip-hop artist named Ceosonson went viral after sharing his hilariously intense stare-down with a cop — or so he thought.

What was supposed to be a quick gas station snack run turned into a viral sensation. In a viral tweet, the "Brother Back" rapper explained they went into a gas station convenience store to buy gummy bears. When they were leaving, they noticed what appeared to be a police officer making eye direct eye contact with them.

"So, I said, 'Heyyy how you doing?' Five seconds go by, and now we [are] just staring at each other," Ceosonson explained, adding, "I mumble under my breath like, 'Oh, so this woman ain't gonna speak, huh.'"

The man was trying to be polite, but the person who was dressed like a cop kept staring at them without sharing so much as a quick pleasantry. It was awkward.

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Ceosonson decided to shoot for a less awkward exchange before exiting the store.

"She had a lot of nerve to be staring me down like that. Well, anyways, I continued to stare back at her until I started walking out the door, and GUESS WHAT? It was an MF cardboard of a police officer," he revealed.

Feeling bamboozled, naturally he had to share the funny story on Twitter, where it's gone viral with over half a million likes as of publishing.

In his defense, the cardboard cutout looks surprisingly real and we would have made the same mistake!

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