It's one of the newer schools in the Treasure Valley--but it's a household name. Since 2008, Rocky Mountain High School has been one of the largest schools in the state and consistently preforms athletically, as well. If there's a state tournament going on--odds are, Rocky Mountain is somewhere in the bracket and often times, a top seed.

The same can be said for Meridian High School, who has a history that runs much deeper.

The two teams went head to head on the football field, which is always an intense rivalry, just a week ago. Both undefeated-- Rocky Mountain ranked at #1, Meridian ranked at #2.

This game came down to the wire, and the internet is loving this insane play that went down late in the game!

Internet Goes Nuts for Idaho High School Football Play

It's a storied rivalry that Meridian residents know all too well-- Meridian versus Rocky Mountain. Take a look at this insane catch that is getting a lot of attention online, and the FULL video below as well!

Ready for the full thing? Check out the play below! 




So great to see that USA Today picked up the play!

Despite this major touchdown play, Rocky Mountain ended up losing the game to Meridian because a 2-point conversion was needed and Rocky was unsuccessful in their attempt. Something tells us that when these two teams match up again, the rivalry will be at an entirely new level!


KTVB was unable to capture the crazy catch--but had great coverage of the game early on nonetheless-- the check it out below: 

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