Yes.  I did this...

Brenda Mee, Townsquare Media

Kevin and I were in Las Vegas a few years ago and he spotted one of those photo things were they can put you into a scene or movie poster.   So, I set my pride aside and indulged his "Princess Bronze Bikini" fantasy.  I figured getting this picture taken was probably a lot easier and way more comfortable than getting an actual cold metal wedgie.


For the record: Kevin really wanted to be Han Solo, but apparently Harrison Ford wasn't okay letting people swap heads with him.  So, Kevin  had to settle for being Luke instead. He even tried to convince the photographer to bend the rules because "he would never have a light saber because he would always be a gun guy."   I offered to just have him pose beside me in the picture, and he was all for it until he saw that it was an Ewok. Hey, I think Ewoks are cute!

If you plan to go see the new Star Wars movie...before you get the jumbo size soda and monster bucket of popcorn...keep in mind the movie is 2 hours and 16 minutes long.   Partake in your treats and you may find yourself having to use the "force" in order to stay in your seat and not miss anything!

(Yes. Our kids are mortified that this picture even exists. I just recently found where they'd hidden it in an old plastic tote box under a bunch of blankets.)


"Star Wars:  The Force Awakens" movie times HERE