It's that time of year when we get everything ready for winter.

When you have a hobby ranch, which is pretty much what ours is (don't know why they call it hobby, because there is a ton of work involved keeping it up).

We get horse bedding from Tree Top Recycling, great place to get your stuff from and save money. Then for the last three days I've been loading in hand, 160 bales.  Load it in the truck, drive the 10 miles to our place, then unload and stack it. Why, because it saves about an extra $150.00, So yeah I'm gonna do it.  It cost maybe 15 bucks in gas and my time.

Now if you do it right you get a good back, shoulders, leg and arm workout along with every once in a while having to tell a bale exactly what you think of it. So you get physical, zen and cathartic all pretty much at the same time.  OK, I only sent one bale sailing from the top of the exploded.

Over the three days of moving 80-120 pound bales, I lost 5 pounds, about an inch around my middle, and my temper a few times, OK 3.  Other family members offered to help, but I wanted to see what would happen if I used it for a workout instead of going to the gym.

It did accomplish two things, give me a good workout and I got hay in the horse pantry for winter.  BTW, the horses kept telling me the whole time I was stacking hay that they needed to sample it. I guess no matter what kind of cook or kitchen, someone wants to eat.

Brenda's great advice when I pulled up with this load, "don't fall off."  Really, I was thinking of doing that to start, darn, now I have to think of something else.

After having so much success losing the weight, I'm thinking of opening the hay hauling gym, where you pay me to stack and load the hay and I charge the person for having their hay delivered.It's a total win win situation...for me.  Think about it, I could have trainers making sure you are lifting right, set up a hose to drink from and call it the "refreshment bar," the possibilities are endless.

Hmmm, guy trainers, shirtless in tight jeans for the ladies and girl trainers in tied up shirts, short shorts and boots.  This just gets better all the time.