Love Ding Dongs? Zingers? Hostess Donuts? You may want to think twice before biting into one.

Hostess, the snack cake giant behind Twinkies, is recalling over 700,000 cases of food after two people had severe allergic reactions after eating them.

The recall is because flour with undeclared peanut residue made it's way into the snack cakes and donuts affected by the recall.  Eating one could be extremely dangerous to someone with peanut allergies.

The products included are:

  • Chocodiles
  • Ding Dongs
  • Zingers
  • Chocolate Donuts
  • Crunch Donuts
  • Devils Food Donuts
  • Glazed Donuts
  • Maple Donuts
  • Powered Donuts

To find out the UPC, batch number and "Best By" dates included in the recall click HERE.