We may be past ‘spring cleaning’ but it is never a bad idea to de-clutter. My grandma, whom I love and miss dearly, was a massive hoarder. Her home was always clean but slightly cluttered with knickknacks and lots and lots of picture frames. That wasn’t the issue. She had a train car on her property full of stuff. Literally, a whole train car. She would find things on sale or just would not be able to get rid of things that she thought she may have a need for later. My father on the other hand was the opposite and was a total neat freak. When I was growing up we were not allowed to have anything on the walls and everything had to be white. “Cleanliness is next to Godliness” he would say all the time.

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I land in what I like to think is a healthy space in the middle. I have moved four times in the last two years and have thinned out every move which is helpful. But sometimes it is nice to have a guide and a nudge to help clear the clutter. I can say, in all honesty, that I find myself to be in a much better mood and less stressed when I am in a tidy place.

Professional organizers like Jamie Novak help people thin out the extra. According to her and thanks to msn, here are the top 10 things (see the full list of 26 here) that you should toss and breathe easy about.

The "to-be-fixed" pile
Unmatched things
Awards and trophies
Random papers / Junk mail
Fad clutter
Improve-me items – unless you are actually using them
Swag and freebies
Outdated technology

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