Some of these make complete sense and others, I had no idea but it's a great guide the next time you do your grocery shopping! 

Getty Images: Scott Olson

Use it for baking, cooking and most things, really, fancy (read: expensive) butter can make a big difference. European butters user higher percentages of butterfat, creamed more slowly. Natural butters tend to melt in a silky way and do better in sauces. 


A lot of people will say that name-brand sodas are so much more overpriced, and that you are just paying for the name. To them I say: OK FINE. Everybody has tried to recreate Coca-Cola, and it's proven nearly impossible. These flavors (or the flavors from whatever your favorite soda may be) are forever in your taste memories, so they're hard to replace.

Unlike the many varieties of mustard, there is just one specific kind of ketchup, and for most people, that's Heinz ketchup. I can even taste when restaurants don't use Heinz ketchup, there's no way I'll risk it with a generic brand.

You might find some nice makeup remover, cotton pads or Q-tips, but when it comes to products you use on your face, off-brands rarely last as long or give the "color payoff" of the pricier brands.

Diet foods
Low-cal or low-carb foods can already be touchy in terms of taste, and it's a risky bet to try out some generic brands for products like Lean Cuisines, which have expertly come up with the right mix of foods and flavors.

Processed cheese
I haven't had much luck with generic-brand cheese. The string cheese and slices were mushy, and specialty cheeses often pack more flavor.

Seriously? Don't even try. Walgreens debuted a variety for 50 cents a can, which reviewers trashed. I don't have high hopes for the other cheaper options.

Spaghetti sauce
With some stores' generic brands, you'll probably end up with some pretty mild-flavored tomato sauce. Save yourself the disappointment, and go for Bertolli or Classico.

Dish detergent
Generic cleaners may mean having to run each of your loads through a few cycles, compared to some of the high functioning powders and packets that clean dishes so efficiently.