I was at Axiom in Meridian yesterday, when I got a scam call (Silly Scammers)  so I recorded the call and then proceeded to call both the number they left.

That's when the fun started.  Now since I called them I legally can't put the recording here, but this is how it went:

Scammer:Hello IRS

Mee:(Sounding as scared as I could) I just got a call from the IRS saying I'm being sued, can you help me?

Scammer:Yes I can help you, but first I need your social security number.

Mee:Oh, yeah, it's 196-19-1935, which is actually the serial number of my guitar.

Scammer:Just one minute.........Yes here it is, according to our records you still owe $2,735.  We have court papers ready to file today, unless you can get us a money order.

Mee;(This is when I'd had enough) You have to be one of the lowest life, blankety, blank, blank blanks on the planet.

Scammer:I'm sorry sir, this is the IRS, what do you mean.

Mee:I mean, I know that this isn't the IRS and you are a blank. How does it feel knowing you wake up every day, blanking people out of their honest money?

Scammer:You know you're talking with an agent of the Federal Government. We know who you are and where you are and you are risking being arrested right now.

Mee:OK try this Go blank yourself.  Tomorrow on the radio and internet I'm going to give play to your scam call and give out both this number and the number on my caller ID.  I'm going to blank you up blanker.

Scammer:(gotta admit, he didn't break his cool once) Whatever you feel you need to do is up to you, but I'm going to send out for your suit to be filed and forward the information from this call to our agents for you to be arrested for threats against an agent of the federal government.

Mee:Yeah the Federal Government of low life blank blank scammers.

Call ended.

I so wanted to physically hurt someone at that point, so it was a good thing I was at the gym.

Here is the number the call came from:283-651-2422, it has since been disconnected. The number the recording said to call is 347-796-4462.  If you get an automated or live call from someone claiming to be from the IRS, it's a scam, so have at them and make them feel like the scum they are.

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