This shaking sign might have you doing a double take and it likely won't be there much longer!

I was scrolling through the Twitterverse this weekend when I came across our friend Don from BoiseDev's post about this sign.  If you're just zipping down Franklin Road, it might just look like another person shaking a sign that wants you to get your taxes done, take advantage of a pizza deal or sleep well on a new mattress.  But if you're really paying close attention, you notice something a little off about the "person."

Yup, that's not a person.  It's a mannequin in a wig behind a pole that's actually shaking a sign.  According to BoiseDev, this sign isn't even allowed to be on Franklin Rd because it's against the Cit of Boise's Sign Code.  Under the sign code signs that use movement to depict action are illegal.

With the news stations in the Treasure Valley doing featured pieces on the enthusiastic men and women who shake signs for pizza, you make wonder how they get away with it.

It turns out those living, breathing sign shakers are protected under the first amendment.  Shaking a sign is on a street corner, is considered freedom of speech.