If there is one thing that we can all agree on in an age of too much discourse-- it's that bills totally suck. Look around and you will see the madness-- gas is at an all time high across the State of Idaho and our nation, costs for groceries and home goods are through the roof, and even service costs are up because of labor and supply shortages. Sprinkle our normal bills on top of everything and we are FRIED from paying money to "the man".

According to a recent article from Boise State Public Radio, another layer of "bill collection" is about to hit us, as consumers, and it feels rather intrusive.

There's nothing worse than getting those calls from the people that say your warranty is expired or are asking for money that you don't have-- whether you owe it or not!

So what is a debt collector to do if they want to reach you? Send some mail, give you a call or an email? Sure those are all conventional means of communication.

It's 2022, though.

According to new rule for debt collectors--reaching out via social media or "sliding into your DM's" is now totally acceptable. If you think about it-- that is really where consumers are. Do you think that this is fair?

The law states that while you can be reached via that way--it must not be in a fashion that others can see the correspondence between the consumer and the debt collector. In other words--they can't comment on your latest TikTok and ask about your car payment.


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