Saturday is the annual Canyon County Kids Expo at the Ford Idaho Center.  First off, it's not just for Canyon County  residents, it's just held in Canyon County.  Now here are some things you will need to know.

1.Yes it's for kids, but it's also for the kid in all of us. So when you enter the door, become a kid again with your kid, it will make it way more fun.

2. Doors open at 10 and the whole thing is done at 6pm. (By that time the folks who have been there all day are pretty well tuckered out)

3. Brobee and Muno from "Yo Gabba Gabba" will be there.

4.Bring your camera, but remember to be in the moment.  This is an event that is fun to watch through your kid's eyes.

5.Bring patience.  There will be lots of other families and everyone will be excited to see and do everything.

6.There are lots of freebies, so make sure you grab a few bags when you enter the door and then take your time.

7.Brenda and I will be there from 10am-1pm.  We will have a place to take photos and would love to get one with you and your kids.  We will also have fun stuff to do at the Lite Fm booth.

As for other questions Click Here.

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