Humble brag. I've never gotten a ticket. Not even a parking ticket...but with these new rules going into place, I have a feeling that may change before the end of 2020.

The City of Boise has been working toward creating their own hand-free ordinance similar to the one that Meridian started to enforce earlier this year. The ordinance cleared it's last hurdle during a Boise City Council and was approved unanimously on Tuesday evening.

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According to KTVB, the ordinance goes into effect immediately but if you're found violating it you won't get a ticket just yet. Under the new ordinance, drivers may only use their cell phone behind wheel if it is in hands-free mode. You may not hold your phone while in a lane of traffic, even if you are stopped at a red light or stop sign.

For many, that's a big adjustment. I know I'll pick-up my phone while I'm sitting at a long stoplight (Parkcenter and Apple on foggy mornings, I'm looking at you) to pass the time. City Council and the Boise Police Department know that it's a big adjustment, so that's why they're giving you a grace period. If you're busted with your phone in your hand, you'll only receive a warning...until July 1.

Starting July 1, violating the ordinance could result in a $90 fine and court costs.

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