Advertising isn't easy. To capture the audience's attention and then interest them enough to check out your product is no easy feat. That's why getting someone who can hawk your item while connecting with the public is so key. But, it's dicey because sometimes these endorsements really rub people the wrong way.

They say one man's trash is another man's treasure. Well, one man's hatred for an ad campaign is another love. Here are the commercial spokesman who people can't stand -- or can't stand to be without.

Flo from Progressive

She sells insurance, yet sports an omnipresent apron like she's cooking Thanksgiving dinner. And that hair! There's really no middle ground here -- you either hate Flo or like Flo. She's been doing these ads since 2008, so it would seem more people have a fondness for her.

The General

Shouldn't the General be, you know, focused on his military obligations? He still wears his uniform. Is he active military? Does he offer tank insurance? What exactly is going on here? And why is he so concerned with auto insurance?

Jan from Toyota

Jan is really excited about the line of cars Toyota has and is never rattled by the yokels who come in looking to buy. The rub here is that no receptionist is this enthusiastic in a car dealership. Actually, no receptionist is this enthusiastic anywhere.

Matthew McConaughey for Lincoln

What is this Oscar-winning actor talking about? Is he driving a car or is he quoting Nietzche? We don't think people are as interested in buying a Lincoln after watching this as they are interested in looking into Buddhism.

Lily from AT&T

Let's get this straight: getting a cell phone is a nightmare. It takes hours, you have to choose a plan and while you're pretty sure you're not signing a contract and are getting unlimited data and text, you will no doubt be furious when your next bill comes and it costs north of $200. Lily from these ads makes it look so easy, but she's a liar.

Red from Wendy's

She's obnoxious. Anyone who eats this much fast food may be happy now, but maybe there ought to be an ad campaign in a few years for her local medical center after several visits to her cardiologist finally pins down excessive bacon double cheeseburgers on a pretzel bun is the root of her maladies.

Sonic Guys

Unless they're Siamese twins, no two men should spend as much time together as these two do. Plus, they eat a lot of fast food, presumably so much they're too out of shape to even get out of the car. Maybe after they finish their next meal, they can summon the energy to drive to the doctor and check their blood pressure.

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