Growing up, we're told not to call things stupid but let's be's the only word to describe Boise's housing market right now. 

That's exactly how I described it to my mom just yesterday. She purchased her first home in September 2019. It's a three bedroom, two bathroom house that's 1470 square feet. How much do you think it cost?

$156,000. I'm fairly sure that my jaw dropped all the way to the floor when she told me that. Sure, it needs a little work to get it exactly how she wants it but the family that owned it before her updated almost every room in the house. In my opinion, it's far nicer and by the numbers, much larger than the cheapest home you can buy in Boise. The cheapest home you can buy in Boise is more than double the price of my mom's home in Northeast Ohio.

She didn't believe me when I told her it's nearly impossible to find a home under $350,000 here and that if you were lucky enough to, it would sell before you could even put an offer on it. So, I jumped on to test my theory and show her I wasn't making it up.

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For the purpose of this article, the home has to meet a certain criteria. It has to actually be in Boise. Yes, homes that have an 83716 zip code are technically Boise but they're up in the mountains and are at minimum 35-40 minutes from the city itself. Secondly, they need to be available without a pending offer on them. And finally, they have to be an actual house. No motor homes. No condos.

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So after disqualifying some homes, I was left with $339,000 as the price tag for the cheapest house you could buy in Boise. Three homes met that criteria. So what do you get for that money? Take a look around.

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