Brand Station/LEGO/Piwee

The exquisite pain of encountering a random sharp Lego in the middle of the night is now one parenthood initiation rite you could skip!

Raising kids I think the only thing more painful than "barefoot meets Lego" was getting headbutted in the nose by a darling 11 month old hard headed baby with a temper.

I think it's super ironic that Lego has teamed up with a French company to make these slippers.   I know that whenever I step on one of the evil little squares in the middle of the night I become quite fluent in French.

According to the Huffington Post the new slippers have a special layer of  padding on the bottom that will spare your feet from Lego torture.

The only catch?   Only 1500 pairs will be made (for now) and you can't buy them you have to WIN them.  Oh, and another thing....I hope you paid attention in your high school foreign language class because you have to log into a French website to try and win the slippers.   (click here for details - Good Luck!)