I'm on day three of missing food in the work refrigerator. I don't know if a joke is being played on me or what but my food is gone AGAIN! I want to get mad but I can't - there's much respect to be had for a person who finds great stuff for free. Even at work. I have to admit: I've been the thief once (or twice). Have you? 


Here's how it's all going down. I bring food and/or drinks to work.

  • Day 1: Coffee creamer
  • Day 2: Fresh Fruit
  • Day 3: String Cheese


I went in to pour my creamer and the bottle is empty - but still on the shelf. The fruit and cheese is just gone. Who is taking this?


I've totally swiped a freezer meal in my time of employment (not here). Since it was sealed, I knew it wasn't from a kitchen that was less than clean. Yes, that's the qualification. It has to be sealed. My stuff isn't sealed and dosen't have my name on it. How on earth do they know I haven't cut fruit on a dirty counter or poured something into the coffee creamer that isn't actually creamer?


Now, there's an idea.


Fess up: Have you ever taken anything from your work refrigerator and eaten it without telling anyone?


I won't judge you. Promise.