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I LOVE to dance and am super excited that the Broadway production of "42nd Street" is coming to the Morrison Center this weekend.

I remember my first junior high after school dance and how all the boys and girls stood in separate packs on opposite sides of the cafeteria, sneaking peaks at each other and the empty dance floor.   I was confused at first and a little disappointed because I thought my first dance would be just like the school dance scene from "Grease," my favorite movie at the time.

A couple of teachers did help break the ice and eventually some students joined in with varying degrees of shuffling and swaying.  The truly brave kids busted out some pretty impressive robot and disco moves.

I was even asked to dance my first slow dance that afternoon.   I don't remember who the boy was, but I do remember the song was the Bee Gee's "How Deep Is Your Love."

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What was your first slow dance song? 

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