The Women’s Aha Camp with Carolyn Casey is coming up September 11th-14th at Horsetheif Reservoir just outside of Cascade.

It’s at the incredible YMCA facilities.  Absolutely gorgeous cabins with showers and flush toilets.  A beautiful main lodge where you participate in workshops designed to refresh, invigorate, challenge and make you a better person.  You can register now for the all inclusive weekend that includes your lodging, food and workshops for $497.  Just click here.


We are taking submission through Wednesday, August 27th. Get yours in today and win a much needed break at Camp Aha!

See a few of our submissions below.

  • I have been filming throughout the state of Idaho women and daughters for a documentary called, the Sofa Diaries about mothers and daughters; the stories are beautiful and moving, since the death of my mother, I wanted to hear other stories about mothers and daughters. I would love to come to camp, to rest, play and meet like minded women. I would really love to attend this camp! Its been a long year in filming but very well worth it too.

  • Stacy has been there for her daughter, whom was diagnosed with a brain tumor, and has since recovered. Stacy has been doing everything on her own, in regards to Taylor. She is also going through some rough times, financially, from the costs of the tumor. She's had to make some rough decisions, but has managed very well for her and her daughter.

  • I have known Lisa for over 30 years and we have been through a lot in our relationship. I would love for her to attend camp to focus on doing something meaningful and fun for herself. She is a single mother and a breast cancer survivor and is still struggling with the loss of her father whom she was very close to. I keep trying to encourage her to move forward and keep his memories in her heart, but not to be sad about missing him everyday. Camp would be an awesome benefit to her.