I love watermelon, it's a summer staple around our house.  I'm the one who usually picks up watermelon and I'm getting pretty good at it.  I did have one last year that went bad within a day.  I cut into it and it hissed at me, then let out this incredible bad odor.  It was so bad the dogs all surrounded me and wanted to roll in it. I took it back to the store and it just about made the woman at the customer service counter at Albertsons loose her lunch.  On the other hand "Tyler" one of the grocery baggers took a courtesy sniff and decided it was a nasty smell, then he took a second whiff to make sure.

Other than that one we've had watermelon that tastes like candy.  The only part I don't really like doing is cutting the thing...until now.  You will have to replay the video below to get everything, but if it does work....

Slicing a Watermelon Fast

Kevin Mee